Jefferson Beach Yacht Sales

jbys is among the oldest princess dealers in the u.s. est. 1995


Princess Yachts Range: 35' - 131'


Experience the exceptional.

Princess is a prestigious boat builder established in 1965 based in Plymouth, England. Princess Yachts is renowned for its culture of innovation, quality and beauty. In North America, the strong brand presence is a result of collaborative efforts with the Viking Yacht Company starting in the 1990's. Early on, the brand was sold under the name Viking Sport Cruisers in America.


M Class

  • 30M
  • 35M
  • 40M

Y Class

  • Y75
  • Y85
  • Y88

F Class

  • F43
  • F45
  • F49
  • F55
  • F62
  • F70

V Class

  • V40
  • V50 Open
  • V50
  • V60
  • V65
  • V78

S Class

  • S60
  • S65
  • S78

R Class

  • R35

X Class

  • X95