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Sunseeker announces its corporate sponsorship with Blue Marine Foundation

Sunseeker announces its corporate sponsorship with Blue Marine Foundation


Corporate Partnership

Sunseeker has announced its new long-term corporate partnership with Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) which exists to protect our oceans – by creating large-scale marine reserves and restoring biodiversity. BLUE is a UK-based charity, established in 2010 by the team behind the award-winning documentary film The End of the Line, which brought the world’s attention to the crisis of overfishing. BLUE is helping to protect the seas for future generations and the partnership aims to increase awareness – encouraging people to start thinking about the oceans and to start taking action to save our most valuable resource.

The oceans make up 97% of the living space on earth. So far from being a niche interest, the ocean is fundamental to habitability of planet earth. It deserves to be centre stage.

  • Oceans cover 72% of the earth’s surface and support life in all its forms
  • Oceans produce more than half the oxygen we breathe and absorb half the carbon dioxide we produce
  • When oceans are depleted of fish, ecosystems collapse and oceans lose their resilience
  • Over a billion people rely on fish as their principal source of protein, so humanity suffers directly as fish stocks are depleted
  • But the problem is solvable; by protecting large tracts of ocean and fishing in a more sustainable way, fish stocks and ocean health can be restored
Project Menorca

We are supporting BLUE with a special project on the island of Menorca, helping to positively influence the future of its marine environment. Many of our customers know and love Menorca and we hope that as a result of this work, a recognised model of conservation will be developed that works for marine life and those living in and enjoying the island.  We hope to then widen out the programme across Europe and further afield.

Our Critical Work

BLUE’S vital projects include the creation of a marine reserve in Ascension Island, restoring the natural shellfish populations to the Solent, introducing sustainable fishing in the Aeolian Islands and aiding in the clean-up of ocean plastic waste in the Mediterranean. These are just some of the projects that currently exist around the world that can be actively supported. There’s also a unique opportunity for supporters to work with BLUE to develop their own projects in association with Sunseeker.

Overfishing represents a major food security issue and has devastating consequences for the fragile biodiversity of our planet. Around 90% of global fish stocks are fully or over-exploited and around 90% of large fish are gone. The consequences are far-reaching, not only for the future of food for a growing global population, but because healthy oceans absorb half the CO2 we produce. Unregulated illegal fishing, using destructive techniques such as ‘drift-netting’ and ‘bottom dredging’ removes fish from the food chain and destroys marine habitats. Marine protection will bring back threatened species such as sperm whales, dolphins and tuna and revive these extraordinary habitats.

BLUE’s aim is to put 10% of the world’s oceans under protection by 2020 and 30% by 2030.

The creation of marine reserves is critical because it:

  • Enables the protection of thousands of rare species, including turtles, dolphins and large predatory fish such as marlin
  • Makes a significant contribution to the recovery of struggling global fish stocks
  • Opens new economic avenues for remote islands in the form of eco-tourism and scientific expeditions
  • Prevents slavery and exploitation of human beings that takes place aboard some industrial fishing vessels

Please help us to support the critical work undertaken by BLUE with a donation – every amount helps and really does make a difference as 100% goes direct to the charity. 


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