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Spring Checklist - Are You & Your Boat Prepared?

Spring Checklist - Are You & Your Boat Prepared?

It's time to SPRING into action,

boating season is upon us


are you and your boat ready?  


Take a moment and review our spring checklist which includes everything from electrical systems to the proper saftey gear and paperwork to ensure your boating season is smooth sailing from the moment your boats hits the water. 


Fuel System


- Inspect hoses, connections and tank surfaces for leake damage (replace compents as needed)

- Verify all fittings and clamps properly secure into place

- Ensure the engine, exhaust and ventalation system are functioning properly

Belts, Cables & Hoses 


- Check for cracks and brittle areas

- Inspect the out jacket of all control cables for cracks or swells, which may indicate a problem



Electrical System


- Double check all electrial connections and wires for tightness, fraying, swelling or any other abnormalities: corrosion may indicate an unsafe condition

- Check all batteries and ensure they hold a charge, otherwise replace them

- Clean battery terminals (fine grit sandpaper or wire brush does the trick and to prevent future seasonal corrosion spray some WD-40 on all the connections after cleaning)

- Electrical systems should really be inspected by a qualified technician regularly or at least at the beginning and end of every boating season. 



General Maintence 


- Clean AC filters and strainers

- Clean sea strainers engine and generator

- Clean and potentialy change fresh water system filters

- Clean sump boxes

Propellers & Hulls


- Inspect propellers for dings, pitting, cracks and distortion 

- Make sure the propeller is secured properly, replace strut bearings if needed

- Check the rudder shaft hasn't been bent, any looseness must be corrected

- Check hull for blisters, distortions and cracks

- Deep cleaning of the hull, deck and topsides is highly recommended

- Ensure the drain plug properly secures and is put in place prior to launch 


Safety Gear - ** SUPER IMPORTANT **


- Inspect life jackets to ensure they are in good condition (no rotting, broken clasps, frayed strings, etc.)

- Make sure you have enough life jackets on board and available for each potential passenger AND they must be the CORRECT sizes. 

- Check fire extinguishers are the correct class for your vessel, have not expried and are mounted in a coast gaurd approved location for easy accessibility. 

- Flare kits, on extreamly large bodies of water such as the Great Lakes it is required to have a flare safety kit on board.  Check with the local USCG requirements concerning your boat size.  If you already have one, make sure it's up to date, hasn't expired and is in an easily accessibile location.



- Boat registration, have you gotten your tags yet?

- Boat insurance, make sure you know what coverage you have, that your insurance hasn't expried and that you have a copy of it in your boat in case you every get pulled over or in an accident

- Fishing license, if you or your friends and family like to fish make sure you renew your licenses for everyone who will be potentially fishing on your boat.  Even if you have a license, you can get penalized as the boat owner for passengers that don't have a license so make sure you tell your friends

- Don't forget about the tailer, if you trailer your boat you have to nto only renew your boat tags but also your trailer tags every year



Trailer Check List


- Inspect tires for tread wear, replace if needed

- Are the tires properly infalted, check for any leaks and/or holes

- Pack wheel bearings as needed

- Check all running brake lights, replace bulbs if they don't work properly

- Check winch straps and cables, replace worped or frayed straps

- Inspect frame for cracked joints or rusted pits in the metal. Repair as needed.

- Inspect axels and springs


For assistance or more information on how to enSure you and your boat are ready for this upcoming boating season contact our service department!


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