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7 Best Boat Show Tips

7 Best Boat Show Tips

The 2018 Winter Boat Show season is in full swing.  JBYS is participiating at a show or special event practically every weekend from now through March and while it's an exciting time and a perfect opportuntiy to find your DREAM BOAT, it can also be an overwhelming time for many because there are SO MANY BOATS.  We wanted to make sure that this winter boat show season was smooth sailing for all of you which is why we have complied a list of the "Best Boat Show Tips" to help you get the most out of all the boat shows near you....and trust us when we say, THERE'S A LOT!


1. Be prepared

With so many demos, exhibitors and things to look at one might experience that uncomfortable feeling of extreme FOMO (fear of missing out) at a boat show. It can be overwhelming because you don't even know what you don't know and what you're potentially missing out on. The good news is there's a solution! Every boat show has it's own website full of helpful resources available to you at your disposal; a list of all exhibitors, full list of boats on display, full list of every event and activity, show hours, transportation options, parking information, etc. Do some homework before coming to the any boat show show, figure out what boats you're interested in seeing, what questions you may have, what events you want to see and more. This way when you walk in you have a game plan and know exactly what you're here to see and do so FOMO is a thing of the past.

2. think green

We highly reccomend getting all of your ducks in a row before attending any boat show. Know what your budget is and what if any wiggle room you have. If you're planning on financing a boat know what your preapproved status is. By doing all of this it allows you to shop smarter and gives you the ability to act qucikly if you find something you really like. Don't let a "not you" snatch your dream boat because they were more finanically organized than you. 

3. weekdays are your friend


Most boat shows have the largest guest count on the weekends, which makes sense because that's when most people aren't working and have time to go. If you're serious about buying however and have the time...GO DURING THE WEEK! It's less crowded, you have more time to tour the boats and sales professionals are less busy so they can focus their sole attention on you verses juggling it between you and multiple people. There's nothing wrong with going on the weekend, however if you can try going during the will not regret it.

4. upgrade! upgrade! upgrade!


Several electronic and prosulsion companies relase their latest technology during boat shows which usually means there are a lot of SWEET DEALS going on for upgrades. Make sure you ask our sales professioanls about upgrade opportunties and what deals are available because since JBYS is a boat sales and service company , we not only can get you the great deal but we can also provide the service needed to install the upgrade. Keep in mind too that many of the "sweet deals" are only offered during the duration of that particular show so once the show is over, the "sweet deal" is not neccessasirly available anymore. 

5. its called a show for a reason


Like we said....IT'S CALLED A SHOW FOR A REASON! Enjoy interactive demos, educational seminars, LIVE entertainment and more at these boat shows  and take advantage of it all.  Before coming to a boat show visit their website to learn more about the times and locations for the special events going on so you don't miss anything.  Boat shows aren't just about boats but also about expanding your boating circle and your boating knowlledge.

6. stay true to your dream


The worst thing you can do at a boat show is waste your money on a boat you don't absolutely love. If you come to a show and think one boat is your dream boat then after seeing it you realize it doesn't meet all of your needs that's ok. Maybe you come to a show and do actully find the boat of your dreams but it's already sold, don't worry we can order you another one or maybe we already have another one coming into stock soon. If you don't find what you're looking for at the show no probelm,  JBYS has thousands of brokerage boats available along with severeal new inventory boats coming into stock before summer of 2018 so WE EITHER HAVE OR WILL HAVE YOUR DREAM BOAT SOON. We want you to be 100% satisfied and happy with your purchase so don't settle for anything less than what you want and if you don't see it at the show, we will find it for you because we don't stop until we make your boating dreams come true.

7. Don't miss the discounts

Boat shows allow brokers to offer special pricing that is only avaialble during that specific show. If you are at a boat show and are seriosuly in the market to buy, with the abiltity to buy and find something you really like...we highly reccomend going for it. The chances of being offered the same deal on that boat anywhere else any other time are slim to none. 


We hope these tips help you get the most out of your boat show experiece this season. Click HERE for a full list of upcoming shows and events which you won't want to miss this winter, along with a peak at some of the new inventory we have available for YOU!  And be sure to visit JBYS.COM to see the full model line-up from our world-leading brands, along with thousands of quality brokerage listings. 2018 is a great year to be a boater!

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