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Absolute YACHTS 

Absolute is an internationally renowned Italian company, who since 2002 operates independently under the name Absolute S.p.A., manufacturing luxury yachts, in Fly, Sport and “Navetta” ranges from 40 to 72 feet. The greatest nautical industry experts in the world appreciate and recognize the quality of its products. The Absolute founders, Marcello Bè and Sergio Maggi, are considered as Italian modern pioneers in the creation of boats, precursors of innovation, bearers of a “futuristic vision”, but with long experience that has been cultivated under Gobbi’s brand and matured at Absolute.

Absolute is a worldwide icon of creative independence, with bold Italian character and passion for yachting.
“Reaching for the Absolute” is the essence of the brand philosophy. Very few people have the ambition to strive for the absolute, and the people at Absolute are one such team. Absolute’s DNA integral to the name. Absolute: a clear and effective action, devoid of waste. Absolute is a visionary thought which became evident.


  • Navetta 48
  • Navetta 52
  • Navetta 58
  • Navetta 73


  • 45 Fly
  • 50 Fly
  • 52 Fly
  • 58 Fly
  • 60 Fly
  • 64 Fly
  • 72 Fly

Sport Yacht

  • 45 STY

Sport Line

  • 40 STL