Introducing: The Absolute 58 Fly

For the first time, the presentation of a new model took place simultaneously in two harbors tens of thousands of miles from each other: Portopiccolo, Sistiana and Sai Kung in Hong Kong.

On Saturday, May 13th and Sunday, May 14th, the Absolute shipyard was the central focus of the global yachting.It was the first trans-global Absolute Weekend. A weekend of presentations, sea-trials and pleasant moments to show the first Absolute novelty of 2017; The Absolute 58 Flybridge.


The Absolute 58 Fly arises from the union between ergonomics and technology.
In this yacht, the values of the biggest luxury motor yachts find an exciting implementation.
The IPS-800 systems and the celebrated Absolute hull ensure low consumption, maneuverability, silent movement, reliability, in order to offer to sea-lovers a seagoing experience guided by pleasure and safety on all sides.


Main Deck:

Absolute_58FLY_MainDeck RESIZED

Lower Deck:

Absolute_58FLY_LowerDeck RESIZED


Comfort expresses itself through a space optimized in every detail, studied to host seven guests with a maximum capacity of fourteen people.The livability of the spaces is even easier thanks to the sliding doors, the rounded edges, the wide and rectangular beds and the floors, almost without obstacles. Nothing can be left to the chance when the aim is always reaching for the absolute. JBYS is excited to get this boat in stock of Spring 2018.









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